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First Day of Spring

March 20th, the vernal equinox, the first day of spring is today (at least astrologically).  The weather has been acting like spring/summer for the last two weeks.  The vegetables are starting to come up and show themselves.  The radishes and lettuces are germinating nicely and the peas are just starting to poke themselves above the dirt.  Though spring is just getting here, I’m already yearning for the tastes of summer.  Raspberries and blueberries are some of my favorite treats and my wife loves strawberries, but they are expensive even when in season.  So what am I to do?  Simply put, I will grow my own.  I already had two blueberry bushes from last fall, but I need to add more of them and other fruits.  So in an attempt to plan out these things I’ve been doing a good deal of research.  I’m going to build a wooden pyramid planter for strawberries and then buy the plants at a local sale coming up in April, but the time for planting raspberries and blueberries is now.  So I headed over to the local nursery and to price out some plants.  The nursery is trying to catch up with the weather and only had a few of the shrubs and bushes out of the greenhouses.  I looked for a bit, but spied out no blueberries or raspberries.  I walked back in and asked about the price of the plants.  As the lady at the counter and I were discussing the price and availability, the greenhouse guy came by and added that they had a number of fruit plants left from last year but hadn’t been placed out in the yard yet.  So in an effort to gather as much information as possible I was taken back and showed what they had.  When I saw the plants, I couldn’t help myself.  I had to have some of them.  So I dove in and bought a half-highbush blueberry var. “Bluecrop,” a red raspberry “Boyne,” and a red currant.  The currant was kind of a whim and will go in amongst the blueberries.  I’ve never had currants before, but I’ve read that they are very tasty and make great jellys and juices.  Unfortunately its currently too dark to take pictures of them, but I’m sure in the coming weeks as they start to flower and bear fruit I’ll get some pictures of them up.


As the Sun sets on a busy day

It was a busy day and I am going to be sore tomorrow, but I’ve gotten a ton of work done.  The biggest project was working on the front yard garden bed.  I moved and bunch of rocks to increase drainage, and got almost half a ton of soil.  Yet the front yard bed is still only about half full.  I moved a bush from my side yard to the front yard bed.  I also planted Nastrutiums, Sweet peas, Dahlias, and Gladiolias.

Above are pictures of the front yard and a close up of the bush.

Here is a picture of one of the Saffron Crocuses.  They have been nibbled on from time to time by a rabbit or something, but they keep coming back.

The Tulips are coming up nicely.

The side yard now that one bush is gone.

Daylilies in the front yard.

And in the vegetable garden, I’ve planted corn, beans, onions, and more peas.  That is in addition to the spinach, radishes, peas, lettuce, and garlic that was already in the garden.  So now I’m going to sit back and watch some Star Trek DS9 on netflix.

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