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Bone Dry

That’s what its like here, bone dry.  We haven’t seen more than a few drop of rain for the last few weeks and it looks like it will be at least a week or two more until we see anymore.  The farmers are really starting to worry.  Whole fields may be worthless at the end of the season.  My garden is looking quite shriveled, so not very many pictures today.  The tomatoes have been hit and miss, but mostly miss.  I’ve had to toss at least half of the ripe ones due to blossom end rot.  Despite that I still picked aver 5 pounds of them this afternoon.  I think I’ll whip up some tomato sauce for freezing tomorrow.


Well I guess I’d better go do a rain dance or something.

PS.  Since this post is pretty short, here is a picture of one of our cats.



Happy July 4th everyone

Life has gotten in the way of adding posts recently, but I’ve got a day off so I figured I should devote at least a bit of time to logging my garden progress.  Especially when so many things have been going on.

The first thing was that I harvested the garlic and the onions about a week ago.  The garlic was a little smaller than I would like, but I think going with hardneck varieties next year will help with that.  I even made a nice braid so I could hang them up in the kitchen (though my wife had fun pointing out that boys shouldn’t be braiding things).  Hopefully the garlic will last a least a couple of months.


The onions on the other hand did pretty well.  We eat  good amount of onion in our cooking, so we should have enough for at least a month or two.

About half of the onions, curing in the sun

I also harvested three ears of sweet corn from the stalks that survived the frost we had, so they’re a little earlier than the rest.  Some of the other stalks do have ears growing as well.  So I should have at least a few more ears before the summer is out.

I also harvested a couple of pounds of cucumbers and made them into some pickles.  I then remembered, I don’t really like pickles.  Hopefully the wife will like them.

The tomatoes are disappointing me a little.  I had the vain hope that I’d have some by today.  Sadly, blossom end rot has really decimated the early fruits.  there are still plenty of small green fruits that I hope will get full and ripe without any rot on them.

I’m hoping this one will ripen without the dreaded blossom end rot

On a happier note, I’ve got a lot of hope for the acorn squash and melons.  Last year I tried the squash and it barely grew.  This year each of the two plants have nice green baby squash on them.  Each is about tennis ball sized.

The melons were an experiment this year so I didn’t really expect to get anything from them, but I’ve got two little melons growing as well.

This one is about ping pong ball sized


Here’s hoping all of us will have a happy and bountiful summer.

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