Planting Bare root Strawberries

Yesterday was probably the best day we’ve had around here all year.  The weather couldn’t have been better and I had a nice long list of garden tasks; what could be better?  It was also the day for the Backyard Abundance plant sale.  Last year I picked up a pack of ever-bearing strawberries and hope that they will start producing this year.  I talk about it in this post from 2012, i case anybody’s interested.  So this year was my chance to move into june-bearing strawberries.  The nice thing about june-bearing varieties is that they set all their fruit at roughly the same time.  This allows one to have a lot of strawberries all at once for making jams, jellys, and other products.  I have the Erligrow variety.  So I decided to do a little how to in case anybody else wants to try their hand at the bare root strawberries.  Enjoy.

The soil for strawberries needs to be fertile and well draining.  Strawberries do not like their feet wet.  My soil here is a combination of compost, topsoil, and peat.  Since strawberries are perennials its imporatant to have really good soil before you start as it is really hard to fix it once the plants are in.  I started by spacing my bareroot plants about 6-8 inches apart.


Next I dug a hole only a couple of inches deep, but about 8 inches wide.  Then I trenched around the outside of the hole.  So I was let with a hill in the middle.IMG_0098

The crown of the plant goes right on the hill.  The crown of the strawberry is the part where the roots meet the leaf buds.  Now I spread the roots around the hole.  Next simply cover the roots and about half of the crown.  Its important not to cover the crown too deeply or else you will end up with rot and disease problems.  IMG_0099

Water the plants well and wait.  Its also good to add mulch to the beds to help conserve moisture and help keep the fruit off the bare soil.  Traditionally straw is used,hence strawberries, but you could use just about any light mulch out there.

OMG Its a video.  Yep, I’m moving into the 4th dimension and adding a video to my blog.  Its my video version of how to plant bare root strawberries.  I would love to know what everyone thinks.  Should I try more videos?  What do you think?

I’ve been busy with other things as well but I think those will wait for another post.  Thanks for reading and I hope that you might try your own hand at strawberries.  Good growing everybody.


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