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Flood of June 2013

“Hi Mother Nature, How’s it going?”

“Not bad just had a quick question for you. You know all the rain that you didn’t get last year?”

“Oh yep, that caused a pretty bad drought. A lot of gardens and farm land didn’t do well at all.”

“Oh sorry about that. I actually found all that water and you can have back all at once right now. Here you go.”

That’s what it seems like these days. Nature seemed to misplace all the rain from last year and has now found it and decided to give it all back. So anyone living or working near the Iowa, Cedar or most of the other rivers in Eastern Iowa are pretty worried. There was a thought that the Coralville Reservoir was going to spill over the emergency spillway (something that has only ever happened twice in 1993 and 2008), but the Army Corps of Engineers is now hoping it will stay low enough.

20130422-081500.jpgIowa River a Couple of weeks ago


Iowa River Now




And now

20130422-081604.jpgBack in April the water was falling about 5-6 feet of the Iowa River Power dam


Now its falling maybe a foot.

My house and belongings are in no danger, but there are a lot of businesses, parks and University buildings that may be damaged.  Some of which have barely been repaired after the 2008 flood.  Luckily the city was much better prepared, sandbags are already in place, as well as other flood mitigation efforts.  Just hoping I can still make it to work on Monday.  Stay safe everybody and good growing.


Earth Day 2013

Earth day has come once again. It is the day we need to be reminded that the earth is not the I breakable spaceship that we treat it as sometimes. Since the weather was good this morning I decided to bike to work and bring a camera along. (Ok it wasn’t an actual camera just the camera on my iPod touch)





The water treatment plant is on the left and a small creek on the right.


The little creek, its got a nice relaxing sound most mornings.


The city recycling place. I drop off my clear glass here cause they don’t pick up clear glass curbside.


Going under the Benton Street Bridge


Now going over the Benton Street Bridge


The Iowa River



Solar cells that the University uses to power their electric vehicles across the river.



The dam across the Iowa River.



The Old Capitol Building





I pass a nice magnolia tree on the hospital campus. The flowers are just starting to open.




Bike parked and waiting for me to go home.

I hope that this might inspire some people to do something to help the planet for at least a day.  Every little bit helps.

First day of Spring-Inconceivable

I don’t think yhat means what you think that means. The news keeps telling me its spring and I just don’t see it. The high today is forecast to be 24F. NOT EVEN ABOVE FREEZING!! That’s all I have to say about that. Ugh…

First Post

I’ve tried blogging a couple of times before, but I ave yet to really hit on a style and topic I can stay totally interested in.  That’s kind of how I am.  I hope to write simi-regularly about the going ons in my garden, both outdoor and indoor.  I use the site Folia to log and track all the details of my garden, but I have other things to say so I’ll say them here.  My wife and I moved into our house in Nov. 2010 and I started gardening and landscaping that next spring.  I’ve always wanted a nice garden area.  I dug up two 8ftx4ft area for the vegetables last spring.  I got good harvests of tomatoes, carrots, a few onions.  In the fall (and bit more this spring) I’ve expanded that to one long section 4ftx32ft and a dog-leg of 4ftx16ft.  I also hope to get a nice flower garden out front of the house and set up a small strawberry bed in the back yard.


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